Michael Flaksman
Onorary President

Born in Akron (Ohio, USA) in 1946. He received his cello lessons first by Ernst Silberstein, then by Leonard Rose and Maurice Eisenberger. He made his debut at the age of seventeen as a soloist with the Cleveland Orchestra, and in 1964 and 1965 he was a guest of the Marlboro Festival, where he followed P. Casals’s masterclass and played alongside R. Serkin as other important artists. After graduating from Harvard University he studied harmony and composition with N. Boulanger. He continued his studies with Antonio Janigro and soon became his assistant both in Stuttgart and Salzburg, then succeeded in Stuttgart, and since 1991 he has been a teacher at the Heidelberg and Mannheim high-musical education schools. In Salzburg she debuted European scenes in 1974 and was the winner of the Violoncello International Award in Bologna in the same year.


In 1975 he received the Casals Centennial Award in Barcelona. He has performed extensively in chamber music concerts, recital and with orchestra throughout Europe and the East, and has conducted masterclasses in Germans, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland and Croatia. He has recorded for many radio stations and recorded CD by many composers, including all J. S. Bach’s cello suites and the entire opera for cello and pianist G. Fauré. Along with Giovanni Ricciardi, in a jointly directed research on music, technique and expressiveness that continues from a human, musical and didactic relationship for over 30 years, a former master and student now associate, gave birth to the Duo Cello Masterclass provides shared teaching on all aspects of the subject, from preparation to concerts to concerts, to interpretation.


Giovanni Ricciardi

Giovanni Ricciardi was born in Genoa and took up the cello at the age of six. He studied at the Nicolo Paganini Conservatory in Genoa.
He has taken courses in musical interpretation and musical teaching methodology at the Accademia di Alto Perfezionamento in Padua, the Music School in Portogruaro, the Bavarian Academy of Music, and Musik Hoch Schule in Mannheim with Michael Flaksman and became his assistant and with him has deepened and disseminated the Antonio Janigro technique for over 25 years.
Giovanni has been the recipient of many prizes amongst which are Citta di Stresa International Contest, Rovere D’oro International Contest.
He performs regularly as a soloist in concerts both in Italy and abroad performing with the Florentine Chamber Orchestra, Italian Philharmonic, Las Plamas Philharmonic (Spain), Campinas University Orchestra (Brazil) and La Paz Symphony Orchestra (Bolivia), Rasa Chamber Orchestra, Karaj. He has also performed in numerous festivals including Madrid Tchaikovsky Festival, the IBM International Festival in Brazil, Volgograd Festival, Ascoli Piceno Festival, Festival Internazionale Isola di Capraia and Flamensemble-Florence
He is president and co-founder and musical director of the Italian Cello Consort, a very large group with up to 800 cellists.
The Italian Cello Consort presented the 3 days and 3 nights live performance “101 Cellos” that took place in Genoa (Italy) on 29, 30 & 31 December 2015. Under Giovanni Ricciardi’s original production and music direction this prestigious event created a visually stunning and magical ambience in the historical piazzas and buildings of Genoa.“The extraordinary quality of the 101 cellists’ shared performance created an exhilarating atmosphere and conveyed intense emotions and joy to the audience.” (Repubblica)

He teach masterclass over the world: Germany ( Musik Hochschule Mannheim), Cervo, Sazine Music Insitute ( Iran) Brasil, Rusian Federation, Cervo ( Italy), Spain, UK and many other countries.
From 2015 is artist of New York Classical Music Society. From 2017 He’s Artistic Director of Entroterre Festival. Giovanni play a splendid cello build by Pio Montanari Mauro Lunati violin maker in Genoa.

During the 100 years Celebration of Maestro Antonio Janigro  2018 he was invited to teach cello masterclasses with Michael Flaksman for the University of Music Zagreb.

” Vivaldi’s Six Sonatas interpreted by Ricciardi, extremely modulated and full of colors, seek dances in their manifold manifestations, with magnificent virtuosity, and grasping the spontaneity of the improvisation characteristic of Baroque compositions. What wonderful recording, I sometimes had tears in my eyes.”
Michael Flaksman

Giovanni Ricciardi Official 

Antonio Janigro Association (Zagreb)



Massimo Coco
Vice President

Violinist, violist and composer, he performed musical studies at the “N.Paganini” Conservatory of Genoa under the guidance of Renato De Barbieri, and he subsequently graduated at the International Sommerakademie of Mozarteum in Salzburg; He also participated in Devy Erlih’s masterclass at the École Superieur de Musique in Paris and in Lewis Kaplan at the Juillard School in New York.


He performs intense concert activity as soloist with orchestra, duo with piano and chamber groups; he has often performed as a violin or shoulder violin at important orchestral institutions such as the Symphonic Orchestra of Emilia-Romagna “Arturo Toscanini”, the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra, the “Petite Ensemble Instrumental”, the Orchestra from Milano Classica Room, Friuli Venezia Giulia Chamber Orchestra, Spoleto Experimental Lecture Theater, “Pomeriggi Musicali” in Milan, “Piccolo Philarmonia” in Genoa, Orchestra of the Giacomo Puccini Foundation in Torre del Lago, ‘RAI Symphony Orchestra of Milan and the Arena of Verona.


Holder of the violin chair since 2001 at the “N.Paganini” Music State Conservatory of Genoa, from 2000 to 2007 has served as assistant to the masterclass of Lewis Kaplan at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. He plays a “Carlo Annibale Tononi” of 1725.

Daniela Lo Re
General Secretary

Born in Palermo, of very dynamic indole, works in Italy and abroad.


Theatrical production takes place at Teatro Garibaldi in Palermo under Carlo Cecchi and Matteo Bavera, then with Emma Dante, South West Coast Company, Civilleri Lo Sicco, with director Giacomo Guarneri, for whom he also signs the drawing lights in many productions.

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In the production of events he collaborates with Clac, Mestier Cinema, Planeta, Entroterre Festival as a logistic manager, and for Italian Cello Consort in the production of the “101 cello for Genoa” exhibition and related productions as well as in contemporary art production alongside as personal international artists’ assistant


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