To apply for membership, you must download and fill in this form; once signed, it must be mailed to with a photocopy of the recognition document and the receipt of the payment of the annual registration fee

Ordinary Members 20€

Supporters 50€

Vip Members 100€

The annual membership fee may be paid, along with donations and / or free allowances, also through PayPal at this link ( or by bank transfer (IBAN: IT 19 D 0200801426000104583985 to the Association). Admission to a Member is subject to the resolution of the relevant Associating Bodies and to the payment of the membership fee. The data will be processed in full compliance with current legislation.



The organization, without profit and with the direct, free and personal action of its members, operates in the field – training – promotion of culture and art – protection of civil rights – protection and enhancement of nature and the environment . Donations are deductible under italian Law 383/2000.